Pull 4 Parkinson’s Foundation, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) public charity,
funds cure and care research conducted by the Parkinson's disease community.
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P4P’s Credo

P4P pulls for movement.
Your movement.
We’re obsessed with movement.
We believe in movement every second of each minute every day.
Be it when you walk, practice tai chi, or dance with your partner.
Movement is the fulcrum of life.
And your ability to enjoy life need not be impeded by Parkinson’s.

P4P pulls for patients.
We believe you are a person.
With rights and passions.
We are with you when your tremors begin.
We are with you during your diagnosis and treatment.
We help you accept “I am Parkinsonian” and advocate for its disclosure.
We make no judgments.

P4P pulls for a cure.
We understand the task is tall.
But a cure for Parkinson’s is within reach.
And will be attained via a collaborative, team approach.
We believe your team has what it takes to go that extra mile.
And that your members are committed and have their eyes set on victory.
We believe you will conquer Parkinson’s disease once and for all.

P4P pulls for care.
We believe patients demand the best care possible.
Today’s methods are only as good as yesterday’s problems.
Delivering the best practices care for Parkinson’s is an ongoing responsibility.
Encouraging patient and caregiver feedback is essential.
Listening to their feedback is even more powerful.
Acting on this feedback is what ensures the delivery of best practices care.
Today, tomorrow, and in the future.

P4P pulls for action.
Everything we do, believe, and represent centers on action.
Action fosters relationships.
Relationships generate ideas.
Ideas lead to protocols.
Protocols lay the groundwork for solutions.

P4P is the driver behind putting “cure” and “care” on the same playing field.