Pull 4 Parkinson’s Foundation, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) public charity,
funds cure and care research conducted by the Parkinson's disease community.
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Mission Statement

Founded in 2012, Pull 4 Parkinson's Foundation, Inc. (P4P) believes that the terms "cure" and "care" should be synonymous. This means advances on one front ought to cause a corresponding development on the other front. P4P, therefore, is committed to supporting programs and research efforts that focus on finding a cure for Parkinson's and deliver the best practices training in the management and care of the disease.

In fulfilling its mission, P4P is committed to the following activities:

  • Creating and maintaining a comprehensive, interactive web/mobile application that includes a variety of timely, yet relevant, information for those persons interested in tracking the ongoing developments made throughout the Parkinson's network.
  • Establishing a cycling team, once every two years, to ride across one country/continent to further spread the word about advances in the Parkinson's community. During each ride, medical professionals serving the Parkinson's space will be profiled. Interview footage will then be aired, streamed across multiple media platforms, and uploaded to P4P's website.
  • Making a financial contribution at the close of each bi-annual cycling event to two qualifying organizations, each of which must have as their primary purpose finding a cure for Parkinson's or delivering the best practices training in the management and care of the disease.

P4P believes these activities will make a notable, ongoing contribution to the Parkinson's arena. P4P also believes these activities will encourage those involved in the Parkinson's field to realize the symbiosis of "cure" and "care" and, in so doing, bring us that much closer to a Parkinson's–free world.

Pull 4 Parkinson’s Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charity . Every dollar raised by P4P shall be applied towards fulfilling its mission. Because P4P has no endowment, it relies exclusively on the direct support of individuals, corporations, foundations, associations, and agencies to fulfill its mission.