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2490 Parkinson’s Trials Are Being Tracked

Trial Name Last Updated
Characterizing Biomarkers of Early Parkinson's Disease Progression (TREG) 12/07/2018
Stroke Survivors and Caregivers Using an Online Mindfulness-based Intervention Together 12/07/2018
A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Prasinezumab (RO7046015/PRX002) in Participants With Early Parkinson's Disease 12/07/2018
Clinical Study of KDT-3594 in Healthy Adult Males and Patients With Parkinson's Disease 12/07/2018
A Study of MP-101 in Dementia-Related Psychosis and/or Agitation and Aggression 12/07/2018
Acceptability of Palliative Care in Parkinson Disease Care 12/06/2018
Genetic Characterization of Movement Disorders and Dementias 12/06/2018
Evaluation of Primary Chronic Autonomic Failure 12/06/2018
P-glycoprotein Function in Brain Diseases 12/06/2018
Nilotinib in Huntington's Disease 12/05/2018
A Study of LY3154207 in Participants With Parkinson's Disease Dementia 12/05/2018
ADDIA Proof-of-Performance Clinical Study 12/05/2018
Safety and Efficacy Study of ALZT-OP1 in Subjects With Evidence of Early Alzheimer's Disease 12/05/2018
PET Imaging of P-glycoprotein Function Using [11C]dLop 12/05/2018
Central Mechanisms in Speech Motor Control Studied With H215O PET 12/05/2018
Effectiveness of MIRT on Hand and Finger Dexterity in PD Patients 12/04/2018
A Study to Assess Pharmacokinetic Profiles of LY03003 and Neupro 12/04/2018
Alzheimer's Autism and Cognitive Impairment Stem Cell Treatment Study 12/04/2018
VY-AADC02 for Parkinson's Disease With Motor Fluctuations 12/04/2018
Moving Through Glass: An Augmented Reality Device Application for Persons With Parkinson's Disease 12/04/2018
Neurologic Stem Cell Treatment Study 12/04/2018
Deep Brain Stimulation for Refractory Alcoholism 12/04/2018

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