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2507 Parkinson’s Trials Are Being Tracked

Trial Name Last Updated
Ultrasound and Videofluoroscopy for Diagnosing Swallowing Disorders 03/04/2008
Continuously Infused Recombinant-Methionyl Human Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) to Treat Progressive Supranuclear Palsy 03/04/2008
Dextromethorphan Versus Placebo for Neuropathic Pain 03/04/2008
Treatment of Huntington's Chorea With Amantadine 03/04/2008
Neuroimaging of Dopamine Metabolism in Normal and Psychiatric Patients 03/04/2008
PET Scan to Study Brain Control of Human Movement 03/04/2008
Diagnosis and Natural History Study of Patients With Neurological Conditions 03/04/2008
Effects of Brain Stimulation on Learning and Reasoning 03/04/2008
An Open-Label Feasibility/Pilot Study With [123I]-IBZM SPECT (DOPA-SYN) 01/21/2008
Study of Liatermin (r-metHuGDNF) Administered by Bilateral Intraputaminal (IPu) Infusion to Subjects With Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease 01/11/2008
POETRY: Study of Estrogen Replacement Therapy in Postmenopausal Women With Parkinson's Disease 01/08/2008
TREND-HD - A Trial of Ethyl-EPA (Miraxion™) in Treating Mild to Moderate Huntington's Disease 12/27/2007
Parkin Mutations and Their Functional Consequences 12/04/2007
Levetiracetam Administration for the Management of Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesias in Parkinson's Disease 11/15/2007
A Phase IV Study in Subjects With Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension 11/06/2007
Sedation During Microelectrode Recordings Before Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders. 11/02/2007
PET Study of the Nicotinic Receptors in Human 10/12/2007
Pergolide Treatment and Valvular Heart Disease 09/20/2007
The Therapeutics Effects of Yoga in Individuals With Parkinson's Disease 08/20/2007
Study of the Modification of the Pharmacokinetic Profile of Levodopa by the Fiber Plantago Ovata Husk 07/26/2007
Observational Study of Pergolide Mesylate and Cardiac Valvulopathy 07/18/2007
Comtess® Versus Cabaseril® as Add-on to Levodopa in the Treatment of Parkinsonian Patients Suffering From Wearing- Off. 06/25/2007

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