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2527 Parkinson’s Trials Are Being Tracked

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Trial Name Last Updated
Safety and Efficacy of Motor Cortex Stimulation in the Treatment of Advanced Parkinson Disease 03/06/2007
Study of Brain Imaging With Nuclear Technology in Individuals With Parkinsonian Syndrome 02/21/2007
Efficacy and Safety of DBS of the GPi in Patients With Primary Generalized and Segmental Dystonia 12/06/2006
Electronic Compliance Monitoring in Parkinson's Disease 10/17/2006
Chinese Exercise Modalities in Parkinson's Disease 08/18/2006
Sensory Cues for Freezing in Parkinson's Disease 06/23/2006
Study Evaluating Sumanirole for the Treatment of the Signs and Symptoms of Early Parkinson's Disease. 06/07/2006
Study Evaluating Sumanirole for the Treatment of the Signs and Symptoms of Early Parkinson's Disease 06/07/2006
Randomized Study of Two Interventions for Liquid Aspiration: Short-Term and Long-Term Effects 04/24/2006
Catechol Thioethers in Parkinson's Disease 03/23/2006
Outcomes of Swallowing Rehabilitation After Stroke 02/08/2006
Continued Efficacy of Apomorphine After Previous Exposure of at Least Three Months 12/16/2005
Continued Efficacy and Safety of Apomorphine in Patients With Late-Stage Parkinsons Disease 12/16/2005
Neuroprotection and Natural History in Parkinson's Plus Syndromes (NNIPPS) 12/15/2005
Ambulatory Assessment of Motor State in Patients With Parkinson's Disease in Real Daily Life 09/16/2005
A Sub-Study With Patients in APO401 to Evaluate Adverse Events During Dose Introduction in Apomorphine-naïve Patients. 09/05/2005
Continuously Infused Intracerebral (IC) Recombinant-Methionyl Human Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (r-metHuGDNF) for the Treatment of Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease 06/24/2005
Parkinson's Disease Treatment With Coenzyme Q10 06/24/2005