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822 Parkinson’s Trials Are Completed

Trial Name Last Updated
PET Imaging of P-glycoprotein Function Using [11C]dLop 09/12/2018
Azilect® (Rasagiline) in Levodopa-treated Parkinson's Patients With Motor Fluctuations in China 09/10/2018
Proprioception and Meditation 09/07/2018
A Study To Understand Safety And Plasma Concentrations Of PF-06669571 During And Following The Oral Administration Of Single And Multiple Doses Of PF-06669571 In Healthy Volunteers Under Fasted And Fed Conditions 09/06/2018
Serotonin and Amyloidopathy 09/05/2018
Multiple Ascending Dose Study of Intravenously Administered BMS-986168 (BIIB092) in Patients With Progressive Supranuclear Palsy 09/03/2018
A Prospective Study of Diet and Cancer in Members of the American Association of Retired Persons 09/03/2018
Dynamic ASPECTS of Internal PRE-ACTIVATION of Effects Sensors of Voluntary ACTION in PARKINSON's Disease 08/31/2018
Trial to Evaluate The Efficacy Of Rotigotine on Parkinson's Disease-Associated Motor Symptoms And Apathy 08/31/2018
GDNF in ideopathicParkinsons Disease 08/29/2018
Atomoxetine for Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease 08/29/2018
The Influence of Sensory Stimuli on Gait Imagery in Patients With Freezing of Gait 08/29/2018
N-Acetylcysteine for Neuroprotection in Parkinson's Disease 08/28/2018
High-intensity Group Vocal Exercise to Improve Laryngeal Function in Patients With Parkinson Disease 08/27/2018
Sleep, Awake & Move - Part II 08/27/2018
Vercise Implantable Stimulator for Treating Parkinson's Disease 08/27/2018
Thoracolumbar Brace for Individuals With Parkinson's Disease 08/24/2018
Atomoxetine Treatment for Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease (ATM-Cog) 08/23/2018
Analysis of the Sweat Response According to the Pathology in Neurologic Patients 08/21/2018
Feasibility of Dance in People With COPD 08/17/2018
Study to Determine Mutations in the Gaucher Gene in Patients With Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease for Phenotype-genotype Correlation 08/16/2018
Impact of LOFT Therapy™ on Breast Cancer Survivors 08/13/2018

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