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42 Parkinson’s Trials Are Enrolling by Invitation

Trial Name Last Updated
The Effect of tDCS on Subcortical Brain Functioning 04/26/2018
EEG Classification System for Dementia 04/26/2018
Effects of PF-06412562 on Value-based Decision-making in Healthy Individuals 04/26/2018
A Controlled Comparison of Two DBS Targets for Upper Extremity Action Tremor 04/26/2018
Target Planning for Placement of DBS-electrodes and Follow-up of the Clinical Efficacy of Stimulation 04/26/2018
Stress ECG Test for the Evaluation of the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in a Paediatric Cohort With WPW Pattern 04/26/2018
Open-label Study of Nelotanserin in Lewy Body Dementia With Visual Hallucinations or REM Sleep Behavior Disorder 04/26/2018
DaTSCAN Imaging in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease 04/26/2018
Quality Improvement and Practice Based Research in Neurology Using the EMR 04/26/2018
Walking While Talking: The Effect of Doing Two Things at Once in Individuals With Neurological Injury or Disease 04/26/2018
Effects of Intensity-matched Agility and Cycling Exercise Training on PD Patients' Clinical Symptoms, Posture, and Mobility 04/26/2018
Effects of Stimulation Patterns of Deep Brain Stimulation 04/26/2018
Non-motor Symptoms and Brain Dopamine Transporter Binding 04/26/2018
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Data Base Study 04/26/2018
Intraoperative Analysis of Reward and Impulsivity in the Basal Ganglia 04/26/2018
Molecular Analysis of Human Neural Stem Cells 04/26/2018
Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Frequency on Neural Synchrony 04/26/2018
Identifying Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 04/26/2018
West Sweden Parkinson Objective Measurement Registry Study 04/26/2018
Scalar Closed Loop Intraoperative Study 04/26/2018
Agility Training in Parkinson's Disease 04/26/2018
Psychiatric and Cognitive Manifestations of Parkinson's Disease 04/26/2018

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