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34 Parkinson’s Trials Are Enrolling by Invitation

Trial Name Last Updated
Effects of Expiratory Muscle Training on Cough Efficacy in Children and Adolescents With Cystic Fibrosis 03/18/2019
Advancing Pre-operative Targeting for Deep Brain Stimulation in the Globus Pallidus Internus 03/12/2019
An Extension Study of ABBV-8E12 in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) 03/04/2019
Unlocking Dystonia From Parkinson's Disease With Directional DBS Technology 02/07/2019
Merging Yoga and Occupational Therapy for Parkinson Disease: Phase 2 02/06/2019
Reducing Disparities in the Quality of Advance Care Planning for Older Adults 01/23/2019
The Relationship Between Neuropsychological Testing and MRI, PET and COBRE - Project 1: AIM 2 (GE-180) 01/18/2019
Observational, Long-term, Extension Study for Participants of Prior VY-AADC01 or VY-AADC02 Studies 12/10/2018
Acceptability of Palliative Care in Parkinson Disease Care 12/06/2018
Molecular Analysis of Human Neural Stem Cells 12/04/2018
A Controlled Comparison of Two DBS Targets for Upper Extremity Action Tremor 11/14/2018
Effects of Stimulation Patterns of Deep Brain Stimulation 11/05/2018
Biomarkers in Neural Disorders 10/17/2018
Stress ECG Test for the Evaluation of the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in a Paediatric Cohort With WPW Pattern 10/01/2018
Non-motor Symptoms and Brain Dopamine Transporter Binding 09/12/2018
The Effect of Parkinson Kinetigraph Recordings on the Management and Outcome in Parkinson's Disease 09/05/2018
Cholinergic Mechanisms of Gait Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease - Proj#3 08/27/2018
Parkinson's Disease Inflammatory Biomarker Profiling 08/16/2018
A Comparison of Voice Amplifiers and Personal Communication Systems in Individuals With Parkinson's Disease 08/07/2018
Modafinil for Freezing of Gait (FOG) in Parkinson's Disease (PD) 07/16/2018
Effect on Parkinson's Disease After Therapeutic Induction of CranioSacral Integrated Therapy 07/02/2018
State-dependent Pathophysiological Oscillations in Parkinson's Disease and Treatment With Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) 05/04/2018

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