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79 Parkinson’s Trials Are Not Yet Recruiting

Trial Name Last Updated
EEG-cholinergic Index and Clinical Response to Treatment With Cholinesterase Inhibitors 04/26/2018
Quantification of Transition Metals 04/26/2018
Acoustic and Vestibular Noise as Possible Non-pharmacological Treatment of ADHD in School Children 04/26/2018
Implementation of Molecular Diagnostic Pathways 04/26/2018
A Study of Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression Based on Biological Evidence of Dopamine Reward Pathway 04/26/2018
Bulking Agent Versus Electrostimulation Therapy in Anal Incontinence 04/26/2018
Cutaneous Silent Period and Spasticity 04/26/2018
Metabolic and Structural Characterization of Hub's Vulnerability in Neurological Diseases Assessed by Ultra High Field Structural and Functional MRI 04/26/2018
Effectiveness and Reliability of Hypnosis in Stereotaxy 04/26/2018
Enteric Nervous System in Alzheimer Disease 04/26/2018
Brain Network Activation in Patients With Movement Disorders 04/26/2018
Feasibility of Two New Software Modules for the Rehabilitation of Patients With Neuromuscular Upper Limb Impairments 04/26/2018
Safety and Efficacy of Droxidopa for Fatigue in Patients With Parkinsonism 04/26/2018
Automated Deep Brain Stimulation Programming Using Functional Mapping 04/26/2018
Optimization of Parameters of Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation 04/26/2018
Effects of Exenatide on Motor Function and the Brain 04/26/2018
LFP Beta aDBS Feasibility Study 04/26/2018
Brain Perfusion & Oxygenation in Parkinson's Disease With NOH 04/26/2018
Effects of Motor Imagery Training on Gait and Brain Activation Pattern of Individuals With Parkinson's Disease 04/26/2018
Music Role in PD Rehabilitation 04/26/2018
A Study in Patients With Advanced Parkinson's Disease to Assess the Relative Bioavailability of Levodopa Administered as ND0612 Subcutaneous Infusion Versus Levodopa Administered as Carbidopa-Levodopa Enteral Suspension 04/26/2018
Improving Posture in Parkinson's Patients Through Home-based Training and Biofeedback 04/26/2018

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