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82 Parkinson’s Trials Are Not Yet Recruiting

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Trial Name Last Updated
Study of the Efficacy of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on Impulse Control Disorders (TCI) Induced by Dopaminergic Treatments in Parkinson's Disease 04/26/2018
Self-motion Perception in Parkinson's Disease 04/26/2018
miRNAs Profiling in Parkinson's Disease 04/26/2018
To Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Ceftriaxone in Patients With Mild to Moderate Parkinson's Disease Dementia 01/22/2018
A Study of an Investigational Drug to See How it Affects the People With Parkinson's Disease Complicated by Motor Fluctuations ("OFF" Episodes) Compared to an Approved Drug Used to Treat People With Parkinson's Disease Complicated by Motor Fluctuations ("OFF" Episodes) 01/16/2018
A Study to Investigate a New Treatment in Patients With Parkinson's Disease. 01/15/2018
Virtual Reality Can be Used to Improve Balance Reducing Dynamic Falls in Those With Parkinson's Disease 01/15/2018
Attributional Style and Parkinson's Disease 12/14/2017
A Study in Subjects With Parkinson's Disease to Evaluate the Safety and Tolerability of Titration and Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion of ABBV-951 in an Outpatient Environment 12/12/2017
Identification of Motor Symptoms Related to Parkinson's Disease Using Motion Tracking Sensors at Home 12/11/2017
Efficacy and Tolerability of IRL790 in Parkinson's Disease Dyskinesia 12/09/2017
A Study of Weekly Subcutaneous Injections of SER-214 in Subjects With Parkinson's Disease (PD), to Determine the Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetic (PK) Profile of SER-214 10/15/2015
Characterization of Diseases With Salivary Gland Involvement 12/29/2014
Evaluation of Specific PET Radioligand Binding To Translocator Protein 07/01/2014
Immunosuppression in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) 06/19/2013
GM604 Phase 2A Randomized Double-blind Placebo Controlled Pilot Trial in Amyotrophic Lateral Disease (ALS) 06/07/2013