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206 Parkinson’s Trials Are Recruiting

Trial Name Last Updated
Effect of Mental Imagery Training on Brain Plasticity and Motor Function in Individuals With Parkinson's Disease 08/14/2018
Gait Disorders in Parkinson's Disease 08/14/2018
Nilotinib in Parkinson's Disease 08/14/2018
A Study of AP-CD/LD in Fluctuating Parkinson's Disease Patients Who Completed IN 11 004 08/14/2018
VY-AADC02 for Parkinson's Disease With Motor Fluctuations 08/13/2018
Longitudinal Outcomes of DBS in PD 08/13/2018
A Pivotal Clinical Trial of the Management of the Medically-Refractory Dyskinesia Symptoms or Motor Fluctuations of Advanced Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease 08/13/2018
A Study of LY3154207 in Participants With Parkinson's Disease Dementia 08/13/2018
Drug Interaction With Genes in Parkinson's Disease 08/13/2018
Safety and Efficacy of THN102 in Patients With Parkinson's Disease and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness 08/10/2018
GPR109A and Parkinson's Disease: Role of Niacin in Outcome Measures 08/10/2018
Measuring Parkinson's Disease With Tear Fluid 08/10/2018
Bio Electro Stimulation Therapy for Parkinson's Disease 08/10/2018
Impact of Individual Cognitive Remediation for Parkinson's Disease 08/09/2018
Imaging the Vesicular Acetylcholine Transporter Using 18F-FEOBV PET in Parkinsons Disease 08/09/2018
Neural Correlates of Cognition in Parkinson's Disease 08/09/2018
Augmenting Treatment Effects of Voice Therapy in Parkinson Disease 08/08/2018
The SUSTAIN Study Compares the Effects of Sustained and Immediate-release Pramipexole on the noctUrnal Symptoms of paTients With Advanced ParkInsoN's Disease Who Also Take L-Dopa 08/07/2018
A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of SEP-363856 in Subjects With Parkinson's Disease Psychosis 08/07/2018
Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) on Gait Biomechanics in Parkinson's Disease 08/06/2018
Study of the Efficacy of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on Impulse Control Disorders 08/06/2018
Lu AF82422 in Healthy Non-Japanese and Japanese Subjects and in Patients With Parkinson's Disease 08/02/2018

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