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Domenick Trezza, owner and operator of A. Trezza and Sons Scrap Metal, passes away at age 82

Domenick A. Trezza, Sr., 82, of Summit, passed away on May 10, 2012 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Domenick was born and raised in Orange, along with his eight older brothers. He was one of the owners and operator of A. Trezza and Sons Scrap Metal on Hickory Street which was started by his father, Anthony, in early 1900s. Known as “the shop” he was a fixture there for over 50 years. Some of his greatest accomplishments were driving Mack trucks and carrying bails of newspapers over his head with his sidekick, Charlie.

If you looked up the word patience, you would see his picture. He happily spent countless hours waiting for you while you were shopping or chauffeuring Uncle John around town. He would sit and listen to Alex practice her piano lessons and you even might have been lucky enough to have heard a duet of “You are My Sunshine.”
One of his true favorite pastimes was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and cake (coconut custard) and reminiscing about the old days and how life was like when he was a child. He wanted us to know that hard work and manual labor was good for the soul. He wanted everyone to work and live harmoniously.

Domenick and his family moved to Summit in the late 1980s. He became a well-loved crossing guard. He took pride in his job and enjoyed helping the children. A memorable story that he often told was how some of the ladies on Ashland Avenue came out to bring him a cup of coffee that cold winter’s day.
Domenick was the beloved husband of Catherine (nee Ripoli) and loving father of Filomena Riba, Domenick Trezza Jr, Mary Trezza and Joseph Trezza. He is missed terribly by all of us. We pray that he is at peace and enjoying the finest coffee and cake Heaven can offer.


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