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Arbor House Car Show

It doesn't matter what age you are or what your health is, if you have a passion for something you will flourish.

And at the Arbor House, a senior living community, one man's love for cars still revs inside him.

The Arbor House hosted a 50's car show today and the staff was excited about the crowd that turned out to support the event and all those in the Arbor House community.

Arthur Birdwell flips through his many pages of car drawings he's made throughout his years, but today those drawings turned into a reality.

Staff at the arbor house put together a 50's car show for Birdwell who has been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease, but arbor house staff say that hasn't put the brakes on his passion.

"He's constantly thinking about cars, he's drawn many cars, he has actually rebuilt them, took them down to the very base and then rebuilt them back up and sold them," said Arbor Hose Resident Director, Troy Duebery.

Still, officials at this assisted living facility say Birdwell continues to get his hands greasy.

"He'll come down for breakfast and we might not see him for the rest of the day because his son has a shop here in town and he'll go over there and he's still working on cars," said Lisa Burelson, the Arbor House Activity Director.

Texomans drove to the Arbor House to celebrate Birdwell's love of cars with a 50's car show and hot dog lunch.

Burelson says it's Birdwell that gives her hope for growing old, "It just lets me know that getting older isn't quite as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If you love something from the depth of your heart you just keep on keeping on and that's exactly what Arthur does," she said.

Birdwell owns his own Pontiac G20 and is currently working on restoring A67 Pontiac two plus two.