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Rasagiline in Parkinson’s disease

Penn Comprehensive Neuroscience Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


It has long been recognized that monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors have a role in the management of Parkinson's disease (PD). The MAO-B inhibitor rasagiline has neuroprotective effects in animal models, mediated partly by its antiapoptotic activity. Rasagiline has been shown to be effective as monotherapy for early PD and as an adjunct to dopaminergic therapy. Clinical trials have also shown putative disease-modifying effects, though rasagiline's potential to alter the long-term course of PD remains controversial. Given the demonstrated benefits of rasagiline, along with its safety and tolerability profile, it has an important role to play in PD therapy.

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PMID: 21971007
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