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Tell the Budget Conference Committee to Tackle Parkinson’s Priorities

End Sequestration and Protect Access to Therapy

As part of the deal to reopen the federal government and extend the federal debt limit in mid-October, a bipartisan budget conference committee was created to find a path forward on Fiscal Year 2014 spending.  While expectations are measured that the committee will find a long-term solution to our country's fiscal problems by December 13, PAN sees their work as an opportunity to have meaningful discussions about how to end sequestration, strengthen the economy, and ensure access to critical services for people with Parkinson's.

What's at stake?
There are a number of critical, time-sensitive issues facing Congress in the coming weeks and months.

  • Congress must pass an extension of the Medicare therapy caps exceptions process, which helps to ensure that people with Parkinson's have access to the medically necessary therapy services that greatly improve their quality of life. If Congress does not act, the exceptions process will expire December 31, 2013.

Our Opportunity
PAN has sent a letter to the members of the budget conference committee requesting they work on these important issues, but we need your help to ensure every single Member of Congress understands that we cannot afford any more cuts to medical research funding and innovation – and we cannot allow people with Parkinson's to be denied life-changing therapy services.

Take action today and tell your Members of Congress to end sequestration and support policies that strengthen research and Parkinson's care.





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